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ISO 9000 is a generic quality management system standards. It represents a series of standards. Only ISO 9001 is a certification standard in the series.

The success of ISO 9000 / ISO 9001 is exceptional and unparalleled. It has
crisscrossed the globe, attracting disciples and penetrating
markets, industries, and professions that no one could have
anticipated. It is only because the requirements for QMS are
the same, be it USA, UK, Japan, China, India or elsewhere and it is
a good architecture of quality management system.

It is successful because it is generic and can be applied to any
type and size of the organisation. From manufacturing to service,
small shops to multinational corporations, moneymaking
enterprises to nonprofit and governmental agencies, the standard
has proven its worth as an effective model for managing an
organisational system.

The International Standard ISO 9001: 2008 (latest version in ISO 9000 series) is
officially published on 15-November-2008. This guide will give you complete
details on what is changed and how it will affect you as an
ISO 9001 certified organisation plus step by step guidance to implement
the new standard fresh 2008.

Changes in the new version seems to be minor such as term “product
” is replaced by “conformity to product requirement
but its effect on the organisation can be vital. Product quality
means the quality of product or service but when you have
“conformity to product requirement” then requirements
determined as per clause 7.2.1 will be applicable and this
includes the delivery requirement, recycling and final disposal.

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