Verifying ISO certification

Everyday we get lot of emails and phone calls asking if a particualr company is ISO certified? Callers normally provide only the website address of the company or simply name of company.

We have given the steps to be taken by the customers of ISO certified companies here Identifying genuine certifications, for verification of certifications.

We understand that it is very difficult for buyers / customers to go pillar to post simply to verify the genuineness of certification. We are therefore starting a new unique service to verify genuineness of the certificate or an organization’s claim for ISO 9000 or other certification.

Write to us at support [@] with following details.

1. Name of company

2. Complete postal address [if known to you]

3. Copy of certificate

4. Your name

5. Your complete postal address

6. Your relationship with the company [Director / Buyer / supplier / Employee / any other]

7. Details of the payment made [without payment your email will be not be entertained]

If certificate is not provided, we will write to company, if they do not respond in 15 days, we will presume their claim for ISO certification is false. If certificate is displayed on their website we will verify based on that information.
If certificate copy is provided by you we will verify with certification body and accreditation body.

Fees: Our fees for verification service is Only USD 100/-  [INR 5000/-]

Payment method: You can make payment by swift [international], net banking or direct cheque deposit  [India] in any of the account given on Payment Methods

Terms and conditions:

Fees will not be refunded under any case, whether certificate is found genuine or false or we are unable to get proper information from the company, certification body, accreditation body or IAF.

In all the cases we will provide you true facts and details of all responses. In some cases we will simply verify from our internal database or certification body database or accreditation body database.

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