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Want to create your examination system for subjects of your choice with your own set of questions?

IMSPL’s examination system allows you to group questions in a manner you like.

The software will create examination paper from a database made in simple csv files with questions in word files.

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Concept of Examination

Exam Soft

The questions shall be objective type questions or multiple choice questions with up to five options for the answer.

You can create questions with two choice [like Yes/No], three choices, four choices or even five choices.

Questions can be grouped in to sections so that it is easy for participant to understand type of question. You can set predefined time limit and laso esure that same question paper is used by all the participants by saving a pre-designed question paper.

Integration with existing systems

Our team of experts will help you integrate the system with your existing student registration system so that you need not invest in any other system.
If required we can also provide you a state of the art student management system.

Expert’s View

You do not need to know the programming to design the new system.

Prepare the question list, question groups, questions and answers to design any new system. Encrypt the files and voila, it works.

Price and Demo

For price and demo, please contact use at mail @ isohelpline.com

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