QMS ISO 9000 | ISO 9001: 2008 Auditor Examination Software

ISO 9001 Auditor Exam Download

QMS ISO 9000 | ISO 9001: 2008 Auditor Examination Software is available in two versions. The software application is suitable for conducting examination for approving internal as well as external auditors.


Auditor Exam Software

A Unique software based examination system to evaluate the competence of your internal auditors. Software randomly generates objective type questions from its question bank. It can generate over 1,00,000 unique question papers. You can organize internal auditors examination over your computer network and save answer sheet with system based exam results.

You can also generate question paper along with model answer sheet and print, to conduct exam in a classroom.

You can analyze your performance for each group and make graphical presentation, save it as a picture.

The examination system is designed to generated question paper from set of questions is divided in 4 groups as follows:

Group A :

This section is based on ISO 9000:2005, fundamentals and vocabulary used in quality management and general interpretation of ISO 9001:2000.

Group B :

This section consists of identification of clauses of ISO 9001:2008. That is you have to identify the clause number of ISO 9001:2008 concerned to the matter in question.

Group C :

The interpretation of ISO 9000 series of standards (latest versions in ISO 9000 series) and concepts of quality management system are given in “phrases” and you have to identify whether the statement is “correct” or not by stating “Yes” or “No”.

Group D :

It comprises of a number of situations for which a nonconformity reports (NCR) may be required. Read the situation care fully and decide.

The examination is based on internationally accepted norms of online or software based examination.

The four sections of the examination covers the topic in its length and breadth. These sections tests the basic knowledge of the auditor as well as decision making ability in case of nonconformities and disputable issues.

You can first create a paper and save it, later inform all participants to start the same paper on the network setting specified time.

Same system can be used by schools and colleges to create papers for their subjects.

ISO 9001 Auditor Exam Download

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